"Mountain Pass Society"

A 90's touge experience, with a blend of simulation and arcade physics tailored for drifting

Master cars tuned for the mountain pass, each with unique handling, strengths and weaknesses

Compete online via time attacks and battles, climb the ranks to become the master of each course

*All images and videos are in-game captures




Touge Specific Racing Modes

Race with custom racing rules specific to the touge, such as "Cat and Mouse", with a leader and a chaser

Battle under different conditions

Race in different times of the day, different weather conditions, each with their own challenges

Paint your own liveries

Customize your rides, share and trade your liveries


Battle as a team

Form your own, or join an existing team and participate in team battles. Choose your home ground and take on challengers

Be your own director

Setup your own cameras, and recreate classic battles from popular media. They also work on realtime races!

Future Additions

- Virtual Reality Support
- Online matchmaking and ranking
- Progression system

Thank you to all that supported the Kickstarter!

The project was successfully funded on 25th March 2022 surpassing the goal by 58%

  • February 2022
    Kickstarter Campaign
  • March 2022
    End of Kickstarter Campaign
  • August 2022
    Kickstarter Insider Pre-Alpha Test
  • EOY 2022
    Public Steam Early Access
Recommended Minimum
Platform Windows PC Linux via Wine/Proton
Input XInput Compatible Controller Keyboard
CPU Intel/AMD Quad-Core Intel/AMD Duo-Core/Quad-Thread
GPU Geforce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 590 DirectX 11.0 Supported